$400 Saved: Internet Download Manager Review (2021)

I have been using Internet download manager (IDM) for almost 9 years.

Based on that, I will give you my final review on IDM.

Adding to that, I will tell you, how IDM can save your data cost each month with 4 clicks or fewer.

For the last 9 years, the software is easing my downloading experience while keeping my PC virus-free.

I never regretted spending money on a download manager, even though free alternatives were always there.

Let’s start with a list of Pros & cons that I have found.

  • Deeply links with Chrome & Firefox as an add-on.
  • Never crashed or hanged.
  • 1-Click video downloaded.
  • Works smoothly because of the highly polished & optimized C++ code.
  • Keeps up with regular chrome updates.
  • Not Free.
  • Old school UI.

BTW, I purchased Internet download manager on April 2011

Purchased on April 2011

How IDM saves you money

You can save Gb’s of data cost with the combination of download scheduler & speed limiter.

It comes with smart settings that enable automatic shut down/start of download.

So If you are working in your home with a paid internet plan, it will let you keep the download link but won’t let it start.

But once you are sitting in a free internet zone like in your office or your nearby cafe Wi-Fi, you can start all paused downloads with 1 click.

The moment you click start, IDM automatically creates 5 parallel connections with the download server.

Download speed that I have seen with IDM is jaw dropping, it churns full internet bandwidth.

Like me, if your nighttime internet is free, the IDM scheduler can bet set to start all pending downloads, automatically.

You can save TBs of data charges by setting IDM with 4 clicks only.

internet down manager settings
4 clicks

last 9 years I have saved internet data worth of $400 a minimum.

Offices & Wi-Fi café are rich, anyway.


By default, Internet download manager sorts downloads in 5 folders:

  1. Document – PDF, Doc, PPT, etc
  2. Video – Mov, MPEG, avi, etc..
  3. Audio – Mp3, Wav..
  4. Program – Exe
  5. Compressed – zip, rar, 7zip

You can customize it further like all ppt in a ‘Slides’ folder.

Customizations takes maximum 15 -20 seconds.

The ability to add descriptions to downloaded files saves time and confusion.

When you are downloading multiple files back to back tagging important file adds ease.

1-Click Video Grabber

Additional to all the features, the bonus is a video downloader.

Video downloader gives you an option to download any video in all available quality with 1 click.

Supported sites: YouTube, Udemy, Vimeo, Facebook watch, etc.

Auto Virus Checker

The Internet download manager is compatible with all antivirus software, after it downloads the file it is first checked and then saved.

Final Conclusion

IDM was my first paid software. What I have learned that instead of cutting corners and wasting time and effort investing money on the right tool is better in all means.

The smooth operation, reliable functionality and utilization of free internet zones have never let me regret investing on this.

What is internet download manager serial number?

After purchasing IDM, we can find the unique serial number at Help>About IDM

IDM Serial Number

Is internet download manager safe

No antivirus for last 15 years have flagged IDM as an adware or suspicious file yet.

Where to buy internet download manager

You can buy it here.

How update internet download manager

IDM auto-updates itself every 14 days.
Still, you can manually check at Help>Check For Update.

How internet download manager works

Internet Download Manager starts parallel connection with the remote file server and creates parallel connections which helps in parallel downloads.

How to download YouTube Video with Internet Download Manager

Download button appears near the top right of every video.
User has to just click on the button and select the download quality.